The characteristics of a text for a business blog

The arrival of the Internet has changed the way customers and companies relate to each other. It is very likely, for example, that you have arrived at this article after doing a research on the Internet, without even knowing the blog The Knowledge yet, is not it true? Well, this is a text for business blog, just our subject today.

To understand the importance of blogs for companies, it is necessary to understand how the Internet is present in people’s lives and how it has changed our daily practices. Today, in Brazil, more than 64% of the population is connected to the network, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), and this impacts the way we relate to brands and their products.

Have you ever stopped to think about how you used to ask questions about something before the internet? Books, encyclopedias and the experience of family and friends could solve the question, but it is possible that the doubt persisted or it would take some time to get an adequate answer. The fact is that the internet has facilitated access to all kinds of information and companies have a lot to gain from it.

First, by offering products and services with much more visibility on their institutional sites. But also through the availability of relevant content on their niche market from a corporate blog, which promotes benefits for both the brand and its customers.

The importance of the corporate blog

To understand the importance of the corporate blog, also called the corporate blog, it is essential to understand that its proposal is different from the company’s website. The site has an institutional and commercial character. It serves for the company to disclose important information, such as its contacts, relationship with investors, relevant achievements and, in addition, expose its products and services.

The blog, on the other hand, has a different attribution. In it, it is necessary to avoid the commercial approach. The focus is not on what the company offers, but on the knowledge it has and how it can serve its potential customers. Its function is to attract new consumers and improve the relationship with those who already know the brand.

To see how this works in practice, imagine an online store that sells pet articles. It has a website, in which it presents its products and offers the possibility of buying, and a blog, in which it publishes articles on hygiene care, health, food, beauty and other topics in relation to the niche in which it operates.

With this, tutors interested in knowing about the correct nutrition for their puppy, for example, do a search on the subject on the Internet and end up finding the company’s blog. By accessing it, they have qualified information on the subject, which makes them gain confidence in the brand and, consequently, search for the products it sells. Great, isn’t it?

This way, the blog generates authority for the business and makes it a reference in its niche market. With it, the client also understands the need and functions of a certain item and has more security to buy it. In addition, the corporate blog helps in the generation of leads, contributes to the relationship with the consumer and increases the visibility of the brand.

For these benefits, the creation of blog content is a priority for 47% of companies in inbound marketing projects, according to the Inbound 2018 State report, published by HubSpot. But for all these advantages to really transform into results for the company, it is essential that the text for corporate blog follows some important techniques, as we will see below.

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The characteristics of a text for a business blog

Well, you already know that the blog can bring several benefits to your company, but for it to really reach its full potential, it is indispensable to follow some techniques. See the features that can not be missing in a text for business blog:

Relevant information

The relevance and quality of the information are fundamental for the text of a corporate blog to gain the reader’s trust and credibility. The type of language used depends on the persona and the profile of each business, but it is essential to show that the company is a reference in the subject in question and that it can help the reader to solve their problems.

The sources used in the text must have credibility and must be referenced, because this also increases the reader’s confidence in the information they are reading. To find out which topics are interesting to your audience, keep an eye on the most frequent questions in comments, in the Customer Service and in sales channels.

It is also possible to anticipate issues by looking at the solutions that your company offers. If you sell dog food, why not make a text about animal nutrition, for example? Meet your customer and create texts that might interest them.

SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is a set of practices and techniques that aims to optimize the content of a text so that the blog or the site reaches the best positions in search engine results.

This means that when these strategies are well used, it is very likely that your blog article will be one of the first to appear when a user does a search related to its subject matter on Google, Yahoo or Bing, resulting in increased traffic on the blog.

Thinking about SEO is important because, as you already know, people connected to the internet use the network to search on many subjects. Evidence of this is that, according to the Connected Life survey, 74% of people do online surveys before they buy an item. So it’s better that they find your blog than their competitor’s, right?

SEO practices and techniques are many. Some examples are the search and use of keywords in titles, texts, images and descriptions, the use of heading tags and the creation of friendly URLs, among other strategies that can make your text reach the top of the search engines.

Internal and external links

Links are another key feature of the text for corporate blogs. When they are internal, that is, they are directed to a page of the company itself, not only increase the traffic through the site from the user’s clicks, but also increase the relevance of the blog among the search engines.

On the other hand, when they are external, i.e., they direct to the content of other sites, the links also influence the positioning, because the search engines consider this positive factor for ranking. In addition, they also increase the references to the reader and demonstrate the credibility of the company when it uses reliable links, such as research and studies.

Text structure

The texts for corporate blogs should be developed with a flexible language, adapted to the persona of the business. It is recommended that the title be attractive, inviting the reader to access it so that they know how to solve their need or curiosity.

Ideally, the blog should have a standard text structure, usually divided into an introduction on the subject, followed by the development of the content, and a conclusion, with an invitation for the reader to perform an action, which may be a comment, sharing, or even the reading of other material produced by the company, in a technique called call-to-action (CTA).

It is indicated that each paragraph has up to four lines, both because this helps to position it better in searches and because it makes reading more enjoyable. The use of topics and subtitles is also important in this regard.

In addition to text, an article for a corporate blog can also include images, videos, infographics, and other multimedia materials that complement reading.

In addition to what we have seen about the characteristics of a text for a corporate blog, it is also important to emphasize that this platform should be compatible with mobile devices. Today, in Brazil, 49% of the population accesses the Internet only through this equipment.

It is also essential to establish a periodicity for the publication of articles, because the blog needs to be always updated. Finally, in addition to the text, it is possible to develop e-books and other educational materials to build public loyalty.

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