What is the importance of new technologies for increasing the attractiveness of car washes?

New technologies improve the functionality of the car wash and allow for easier management by the owner and use by customers, who increasingly appreciate modern solutions such as, for example, the banknote changes already present at almost every car wash.

The cash dispenser solves the problem of the lack of small drivers, and in the version created by the BKF, it gives the possibility of selling and recharging loyalty cards. Investment in a loyalty system is a good step for car wash owners who want to earn money from washing company cars. Fleet customers are a group of drivers of great importance, however, the problem arises when settling transactions.

A great solution to this problem is the loyalty system, which allows for simple fleet settlement. The possibility of paying for washing a company car with a loyalty card will surely tempt many companies to use the services of a car wash with such an offer.

An important innovation that recently changed the market was the introduction of PayPass payment terminals car washes. Statistics show that on car washes equipped with them, the turnover generated from cards accounts for about 20-25%, which can be considered a big competitive advantage, significantly increasing the attractiveness of car washes. Moreover, a new option has appeared on the market – PayPass payment by phone. It makes it possible to pay for car washing using a smartphone in a simple and quick way.

When mentioning innovations, important for the investor, it is worth mentioning the subject of car wash management software or the whole network of car washes, as it is possible in the case of Client Module. It is a tool for car wash management. It allows for numerous modifications of car wash settings via the website and smartphone application.

This innovative tool significantly reduces the operating costs of the car wash, though less frequent visits and the possibility of solving service parts of problems via the Internet. In the administration panel you can see full statistics of the car wash, e.g. percentage number of transactions which were made with a card and cash, full historical data enabling, among others, price correction and diagnostic panel which, thanks to the system of sensors placed on the car wash components, is able to collect and send all important information, such as alarms on the car wash’s erroneous operation.

The application is placed in the cloud, so that data is available from any device connected to the Internet, and the owner can check them from anywhere in the world.

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