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In many cases involving learning scenarios, many learners do not reap the full benefits of learning for a number of reasons. Since virtually everyone is unique in their own way, each has specific preferences and characteristics that could be unique to them, providing instructors, trainers and teachers with the invaluable task of formulating a learning strategy that takes into account their unique characteristics and allows them to learn to the full. Without going into the details of teaching, this task may be perceived by some as a virtual impossibility, and this may be very true because it is known that there are no two identical people in the world, even identical twins. This requires, therefore, that educators, trainers and didactic experts design the learning modules in such a way as to adapt them to the different levels of teaching, within acceptable parameters as well as certain teaching materials, and to treat certain areas of disagreement, such as possible relevance and religious issues, with moderation and taking into account the fact that all teaching materials and activities have been included in the teaching module, all in order to provide the necessary lesson and not in relation to anything else. Usually, such deliberations are the subject of many debates and deliberations on the part of the department or the management of the educational institution. However, learners using a learning management system can circumvent this problem by fully adapting all topics and limiting them to the needs and needs of the learner, thus ensuring an even more effective learning experience.

There will inevitably always be students who are particularly reluctant to turn to an instructor to verify certain aspects of the educational module, and failure will, of course, result in incorrect lesson learning or incomplete understanding of the material, which is often the case. There are always some aspects of the lesson that will require closer and more finite analysis than the one usually performed by the learner, so the role of an instructor capable of helping the learner to discern and continue learning is quite important, although the whole sense of having an instructor is quite possible if the learner fails or refrains from approaching the instructor and asking about the information needed.

Therefore, in such a case, the benefits of an e-learning solution are quite obvious. Some curricula that contain e-learning tools may have a noticeable absence of the instructor, but this fact does not discourage the learner from continuing with a particular aspect of the learning module, which may not have been as clear when it was undertaken. A learning management system, divided into easy-to-manage modules, can make it easier to “zoom in” a particular area of difficulty and provide better and more detailed information and materials about it, in order to facilitate better understanding and thus complement the learning experience. The fact that there is no visible ‘intimidating’ presence of an instructor, some learners may feel quite secure in pursuing something that might have been difficult for them, and having the right tools to better analyse the issue gives them the initiative to really look at the area of difficulty and deal with it at their own pace, and not be ashamed of the fact that they are stuck at a deadlock because of the difficulty perceived.

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