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You can be sure that you get the best at the lowest price when booking one of our American Express flights worldwide. American Express only takes care of the best cruise lines in the travel industry and negotiates with them the additional facilities included in the price of each cruise.

There is even a World Cruisers club with American Express, which is specially designed for those who want to cruise around the world and see the world with the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship. The travel agency you are dealing with will work to get the most competitive offer available and will make a reservation for you based on the travel plan that you choose.

You may have a preference for a ship in American Express worldwide cruises. However, you can still choose your route and the length of your cruises. Holland America offers Rotterdam cruises at different dates throughout the year.

For example, you can choose a 36 day cruise that departs from Singapore and sails to Cape Town, South Africa visiting exciting destinations such as Phuket, Mumbai, Dubai, Seychelles and Richard’s Bay. There are also shorter and longer cruises on this ship, which you can choose from depending on the amount of time you have to take advantage of this experience.

Princess Cruise Lines offers American Express cruises around the world on the Pacific Princess, the Tahitian Princess and the Royal Princess. If you do not prefer a cruise ship, you can search the American Express Travel website to find the necessary information about routes and dates of departure and cities, as well as information about cruise ships.

This information helps you decide whether you want to traditionally sit on meals or open seating. You’ll also get the information you need about events on board a cruise ship around the world, which may require more formal outfits and types of shore-based excursions that you can expect when you stop at different ports of call.

Silverseas is another of the many cruise lines that carry passengers on American Express Around the World Cruises. Choose an exciting route on board Serenity for a 1,106-day cruise that sets off and returns to Los Angeles. This flight bypasses the world and takes you to exotic destinations that will allow you to make memories that will last forever.

Cruising the world of American Express will be a dream come true when you see Cabo San Lucas as one of Mexico’s stops and discover several Caribbean islands before crossing the Atlantic. The monuments of the Far East will delight you to the very core and you can follow in the footsteps of ancient cultures in places in the Middle East and Africa.

Each of the ships offering American Express Around the World cruises is slightly smaller than typical cruise ships, but no less luxurious. Every detail of the cruise is planned to the luxury linen and towels in your bathroom. The smaller size means that the number of passengers is also smaller, so you have more opportunities to make new friends and spend time with them by engaging in the many activities on board.

For more of American Express cards, visit and learn what you can benefit from its partnering companies.

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